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Beck Advisory provides the following independent property advisory services to clients:

  • Review your existing portfolio to maximise performance or identify opportunities for future growth
  • Act as client representative or lead negotiator
  • Implement building/land strategies
  • Analysis of market conditions
  • Instruction, review and interpretation of valuation reports
  • Review of your financial objectives to identify investment opportunities
  • Oversee the acquisition/divestment strategy of client portfolios
  • General assistance with complex property issues
  • Value analysis and risk assessment management
  • Property disposals including management of the sale process, preparation or review of information memoranda, supervision of pre-sale due diligence and negotiations with buyers
  • Direct negotiations to deliver superior outcomes


Beck Advisory is able to assist clients with small or large scale property acquisitions via the provision of the following services:
  • Instruction of due diligence reports on acquisitions
  • Interpretation of feasibility analysis
  • Research and analysis of information
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Appointment of consultant team/s
  • Negotiation of acquisition contracts
  • Contract reviews
  • Bidding analysis

Beck Advisory has been responsible for negotiating complex transactions for the transfer of large land parcels involving both the WA State Government and private clients. These transactions have often involved multiple parties, detailed ground leases, land swaps and/or environmental considerations.


Beck Advisory is able to assist clients with small or large scale property developments, from advice and support to project manage of the entire process. Development Management services include:

  • Working with senior executives/boards and project teams
  • Master-planning and design co-ordination
  • Council lobbying and client representation
  • Preparation of project briefs
  • Contract procurement and construction management
  • Procurement of consultants and contractors
  • Analysis and risk assessment
  • Co-ordination and analysis of environmental, hydrological and geotechnical investigations
  • Co-ordination of development and building approvals and liaison with authorities
  • Contract negotiation, award and administration
  • Liaison, management and relocation of existing tenants (if required)
  • Project budget and construction schedule management
  • Management of any heritage related matters


Beck Advisory manages a significant portfolio of commercial, industrial and retail properties. Asset management services include (but are not limited to):
  • Formulation of property business strategy
  • Acting in the capacity of client representative overseeing property management processes
  • Focusing capital expenditure to deliver asset appreciation
  • Direct lease negotiation with major public, government and institutional organisations
  • Review of existing leasing agreements and providing direction as to best suited long-term use
  • Strategic advice with complex property management issues;
    • Portfolio review
    • Complex relocation/compensation negotiation
  • Appointment of managing agents including contract negotiation