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Large Land Parcel Transactions

Beck Advisory has been responsible for negotiating complex transactions for the transfer of large land parcels involving both the WA State Government and private clients. These transactions have often involved multiple parties, detailed ground leases, land swaps and/or environmental considerations.

This has included the 87ha cement and lime plant and limestone quarry in Munster, located approximately 25kms south of the Perth CBD in a high growth corridor. The sale of this site occurred in two portions, one for general industrial use and one a waste facility or landfill site.

The sale of this site required detailed negotiations with the WA State Government land developer, local Council and was subject to State Parliamentary approval.

Beck Advisory has also overseen the sale of significant land parcels on behalf of clients in Hobart (Tasmania), Bendigo and Geelong (Victoria), Maroochydore (QLD), Ottoway (Adelaide) and Canberra.

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